One whose class consciousness sees and acts organizationally to supersed class society by forming the new society within the shell of class social relations. The best is yet to come and already exists, but needs to be freed from the (class) traditions of the past. Subjects need to be freed from being pseudo-objects and objects need to be used after being perceived not as "pseudo-subjects". This is the activity of the the anarchist: a unity of means and ends. It is therefore also a unity of the social and the individual. It is for liberty and socialism as neither one alone attacks class society at its core.

Fun at parties, especially ones based in separate(d) power....

Re-presented, commodified, mysticalized, and idealized "anarchist" definition: The content of anarchist thought: action this, action that. It's all very much the same and the fact that boring action is interesting is what makes the anarchists very void-like. Much like spectacularizing symbolic black into a fashionable commodity, they have taken all that anarchist movement ever was and voided it actively. Severing the social critique from social movement, they have isolated tantrums much like a spoiling part of the economy - drawing attention to the need for a capitalist repair and democratic suffering: equal persecution for all. Hardly democratic - it's concensus authoritarianism like its cousin, the State's terrorism. Hardly anarchist - it's imposing and has bullhorns and drums like its cousins, the Leninists. Hardly revolutionary - it's defined by other than itself as are its cousins, the reactionaries. They prefer throwing nothingness through nothingness to achieve - you guessed it - nothing! They are paltry emoticons with paltry demands and paltry methodology that at best embarrasses the reification within which they misbehave. They are the spectacle waving its arms - saying "me, me, me - I'm not here!" Yes. You aren't here or there but as shadows of the past, recuperating rebellion seeking more than the dead weight of losers from the past. Yours is to bully all those who wish to be now. Revolutionary stillbirths. Egalitarians of globanality. The Real Things. Reifications with a trademarked "attitude". Drink up and choke....

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