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    May 15, 2013 by EcalZ

    I must tell the world what is the predominant life in Miami, by what i have observed so far, its the need to feel part of something bigger than me. a beggar for attention, a sun in the univers of infinite suns, unless found it finite, or ciclical. whichever we find by expanding our knowleadge over it

    yes, the trees, the sun, the freedom to move from place "A" to place "B" without being killed by some random messanger. well, like anyother place if youre wise, otherwise it'll be the same, the trees of life, the music of your choice, if you make it, or the music of life if you appreciate it, the beauty of one as the one in all, as the all of ones in a system that gives you choices and you make the best of them by dicipline, ha, that word, that…

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    nonsense in situations

    June 29, 2012 by EcalZ

    if we try so hard to make the world understand our point of view,
    isnt it better to do it?
    or to just wait until the fire of our eyes fades with deception a lies?
    or its better to do nothing because we are all passanger in this world?
    and our children, if we have ours but this it not about us, did you forget about it already?
    our future, i mean, the children of those who did what we didnt...
    in the contrasts of things...
    the ones who destryed what other did and those that fought what others destroy...
    is that the message?
    to let others do what we can but are too messed up to understand it?
    lets the flow of our feeling of incompetence realize that im god!
    and then we all gonna lose interest in that person...
    because he or she said one word that mea…

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  • EcalZ

    my family said," hey, you are always criticizing us, and everyone, please, be gentle" and i say, thats who its never personal, all the attacks on people nor institution nor political views, its just that the reactionary part of me is just in the teens and its rebelling against the world, not that im am rebelling against the world, but my attitude is kind of testing what i already know and what i already have seen, so its just the last of my temperamental behaviors before doing the stuff i should have done since the beginning of this message, which is to go and do something about what this worlds needs, and it does not need you working in a office all day for your own benefits, nor your family support, it needs you out there being t…

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  • EcalZ

    a rant

    June 22, 2012 by EcalZ

    yesterdays reading...the Zapata and the terrorist- whose side are you, the war on drugs, the killing and poisoning of the poor, or the rich one, like me, who sleeps all day and complains about why there is no coca-cola in the fridge? or is because there are only, maybe, 4 woman as CEO in the WORLD? is this a mans world??? or is because the Word Trade Center building 7 just collapsed because there was an earthquake magnitude 7.9 where other were instant by it? or its because the Politics and secret service killed the American people and then they blame it on other terrorist, same as them, so there's no questioning about it? well, this an other questions will be answered when they die, the ones who control us, otherwise, then we are all scre…

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  • EcalZ

    a year in Melbourne and in Occupy MElbourne- the cogsimental report.

    how many people can travel to Australia?

    was that an opportunity or a burden?

    a burden?


    people cant handle the truth.


    when i first came to Australia i wasn't feeling right, i was from losing a semester in the University and living in a small room with my dog, although i created some music and some videos, and i learned a lot about computer science, i wasn't projecting myself in the future, there was any, so i thought, there was only an alienated images of suicide and pain, kind of a very old story to keep telling everyone, but thats how i came to Austr…

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    this may be in facebook...

    well, the 24hour protest against extra charges in facebook is on, unless this post help facebook, and by that case, then facebook has controlled everyones post, even in the strangest blogs or anyother kind of electrotic media, facebook has linked all your movements, electronic movements, the big brother is watching you, and not only in the electronic world, in the real world, not the mtv one that mix bs actors who want to get screwed by the media and worst, they sign for it, no thats different, ups, i can of lost my train of thoughts here, well, the thing about everything controlled works, yes, for those who want to control but for those who want to kill a chiken or eat explosives and explote, its not, even me wri…

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    after an outburst of anger because this wiki shit erased all the thing i wrote when i inserted a fucking video im going to see if i remember what i wrote at the first time, if i do that ill be doing an excersice, if i dont ill be in jai for things that people do when they get into desperations and things get out of control, so yes, i screamed, throw some things, made noise, huuuu, youre crazy, people, neigbour could say...and yes, i dont give a shit, why do we have to repress our anger, hey, do it, but dont hurt people in the way, thats the only things, and if poeple are aournd, and they tend to get sentimental about it, then Ewoks dont give a shit!!!

    so this is what ithink i wrote...

    tiraras con cuantos quieras pero el amor no lo haras jama…

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    June 14, 2012 by EcalZ
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  • EcalZ


    June 12, 2012 by EcalZ

    haa, what do we think about relation...

    a short story of fun crazy lies and god.

    -dont ya worry a bit, it wont hurt...
    -no, no, please, no, im a virgin!
    -haaa, virgin!?
    -yes, santified by god and mankind, well, more man than kind
    -yes, i smell your door, your pureness, haa, my sanctuary...
    -please, stop, stop, stop.
    -what?! no...

    rape, only the wicked change their perception for what they want to hear and feel.

    -you, yes you...
    -no fucker, me, yes you right there, in the corner, dont worry it will hurt you mostly like everyone who has done it.
    -no, i didnt do anything, i gave her what she wanted, love, material goods and hapiness...
    -so why are you here?
    -because she said i raped her?
    -did you?

    jail rape, a justifiable reactio…

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  • EcalZ


    June 5, 2012 by EcalZ

    old viedo

    new video



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  • EcalZ

    -so we are the new kids that everybody is talking about...

    -not us

    -everybody knows it...

    -fuck off man, we dont care about it, we can say or do whatever, we are free, born in pain as everyone in here, sure, we had our choices, ours were different, we choose to do what we already did, and so we dont care about what they think.

    -such a problem, god, such a problem, they know what we did, and here we are, its time to admit it, why, why, why, why?

    -what kind of question, authoritarian! who the hell they think we are?

    -no more than our son? our son? the sun in us? yes, yes, hell, we're in hell, we see, they shut us down, and in hell theres no time nor space. no future, no chains nor lies...

    -so when we painted the streets in black and red, when we had …

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  • EcalZ

    B U R E A U O F P U B L I C S E C R E T S

    =Report on the Construction of Situations
    and on the
    International Situationist Tendency’s Conditions of Organization and Action =

    Revolution and Counterrevolution in Modern Culture
    Decomposition: The Ultimate Stage of Bourgeois Thought
    The Role of Minority Tendencies in the Ebbing Period
    Platform for a Provisional Opposition
    Toward a Situationist International
    Our Immediate Tasks

    First of all, we think the world must be changed. We want the most liberating change of the society and life in which we find ourselves confined. We know that such a change is possible through appropriate actions.

    Our specific concern is the use of certain means of action and the discove…

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  • EcalZ

    first block:


    • Dec 17, 2008, 1:24:04 PM by ~ecal55
    • Journals / Personal

    Perfection means to do everything you can and more.

    A perfect environmentalist does not lives in a regular house, does not eat products from any store unless it’s organic. A perfect environmentalist has a house built for the earth; all its waste is recycled. A perfect environmentalist has a sink were the used water is given to its little farm outside the house were a perfect environmentalist uses to eat from it. A perfect environmentalist is vegetarian and is stronger, happier, and healthier than those who eat meat. A perfect environmentalist knows everything about nutrition and that is why a perfect environmentalist is a vegetarian.

    A perfect environmentalist does not driv…

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  • EcalZ


    May 29, 2012 by EcalZ

    Narcissistic personality disorder (NPD) is a personality disorder[1] in which the individual is described as being excessively preoccupied with issues of personal adequacy, power, prestige and vanity. This condition affects one percent of the population.[2][3] First formulated in 1968, it was historically called megalomania, and it is closely linked to egocentrism.

    • 1 Symptoms
    • 2 Causes
      • 2.1 Theories
      • 2.2 Splitting
      • 2.3 Relationship to shame
    • 3 Diagnosis
      • 3.1 DSM-IV-TR 301.81
        • 3.1.1 Proposed removal from DSM-5
      • 3.2 ICD-10
      • 3.3 Millon's subtypes
    • 4 Treatment
    • 5 Correlative associations
      • 5.1 Eating disorders
    • 6 Epidemiology of NPD
    • 7 History
    • 8 Cultural depictions
    • 9 See also
    • 10 References
    • 11 Further reading
    • 12 External links

    Symptoms of this disorder include, but are not limited t…

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    first block:

    A LIFE of opportunity and dignity, free from discrimination and disadvantage, should not be an ideal. It is, in fact, a basic human right – one that we all share in common.

    Social justice is about making sure that every Australian - Indigenous and non-Indigenous - has choices about how they live and the means to make those choices.

    Social justice is grounded in the practical, day-to-day realities of life. It’s about waking up in a house with running water and proper sanitation; offering one’s children an education that helps them develop their potential and respect their culture. It is the prospect of satisfying employment and good health.

    Social justice also means recognising the distinctive rights that Indigenous Australians hol…

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  • EcalZ

    the informal review

    May 23, 2012 by EcalZ

    Spokes council # 8 (the informal review)

    Michael: Anarchy for Life!

    Teigan: cliché wise! yesterday there were 5 overnighters...

    -please come by when you can...

    -there was a dream circle done by our comrade Yohan...

    -Chalk and a lot of fun in the process...

    -today at 8.30am the council came to take one out of two tents, I took mine before they came...

    -everything was done without any complain other than the council one...

    -the weather was not ideal

    -come by next Tuesday.

    -there's kind of more information in the evil facebook group...(no encouraged to visit)

    why? because: inclusivity is our enemy...(please feel free to comment about this one)

    Daniel: any book for Seb about Bakunin, and he also wanted to know more about how an organic community can be st…

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  • EcalZ

    May 23 of 2012

    May 23, 2012 by EcalZ

    ======May 23 of 2012

    desde haber sacado todo fuera y dentro
    volver al mismo lugar; siempre recordando,
    hacerlo porque sí, que tal hacerlo otra vez?

    mientras los que veo se queman el lomo por traer esto que todos quieren pero casi nadie es capaz de ver por cuenta propia el valor de su belleza y trabajo, de su bondad y su fuerza...

    como éramos antes de justificar nuestro desencanto, antes de ir diariamente a protestar por no hacer más que eso? pues las acciones deben tener un fin o personal o común y en nada tienen las protestas el fin propio o común por separado pues van de la mano hacia la libertad y la revolución del que trabaja por darnos esa sensación de progreso cada día que pasa; y recordamos como nos íbamos para luego regresar aun mas fu…

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  • EcalZ

    parte uno y medio de Occupy Melzeburner

    días en la ocupación y su definición tanto pasiva como activa en varios puntos de vista.

    si nos ponemos a comparar la situación entre otros países nos dará risa lo que luchan aquí en Melbourne, todo, comparado con otros países esta reclusivamente mejor, al menos de que seas descendiente de los Aborígenes, dicen unos; "pero si ahora tienen más derechos que millones de Australianos que no tienen la culpa de lo que hicieron sus antepasados ni de su rechazo a los ojos de la reina, y que sujetos al reino, sin derechos, y alienados a su tierra a su nación". eso solo resaltando la potencia económica actual del país este al que muchos no tienen nada que protestas ni criticar, y si lo haces, bueno, todavía no …

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  • EcalZ

    Occupy Melblurnerd

    May 22, 2012 by EcalZ

    Occupy Melburned

    días antes:

    nos despertamos temiendo despertar, en nuestros sueños nos preocupamos y corregimos lo que hemos hecho, unos escuchan el despertador otros ya despiertos esperan esos minutos entre el santuario y la realidad para planear el día, otros toman sus cosas y sin desayunar se dirigen al trabajo, otros, se levantan, van al baño, usas todos estos artículos químicos y otros orgánicos, prenden la regadera y se lanzan a la diaria limpieza de nuestros cuerpos que se dividen minuto a minuto, otros se cepillan los dientes, luego del desayunar alimentos prefabricados en estas organizaciones que lo controlan todo y que sus productos desde su punto de vista, nos mantienen en la rutina, unos dicen que la naturaleza nos prohíbe de m…

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  • EcalZ

    What to do today?

    May 21, 2012 by EcalZ

    if i go out to the city, today at 755am i could go to the library, read some Bakunin or any other book related to anarchism or any other kind of liberating ideas , or i could just be what i do best and critizice everybody, scream at them as i like to do, insult them too, hey, at the end we only do what we are, and by that i could also drink and do some heroin if anyone knows were to find it cause, yeap, life is also a laberin of emotions and work is the filter, so thats why people work, to make their living a better one, to get some things done and have something else to do instead of thinking all the time, and if your work is to think, then one has to read other thinkers and analyze them in a way, "people" will like otherwise, then is lik…

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  • EcalZ

    there is so much freedom in ones hearth that love faints away in every move we make.

    con tantas capas nos vamos alejando de nuestro propósito.

    erase una vez, en una lejana ciudad, a long lost city in the middle of some other lost city, where lost people used to live, en donde las personas, perdidas, viviendo en circulos, en donde las centellas de aquella tormenta eterna que se veia en lo lejos festejaban su poderio, where thunders and raylights were alive y nos daban tanta inspiracion, a small series of events que nacian de aquel contacto entre el poder de la naturaleza and the living emotion.

    in this sacred place there where this kind of habitants that were afraid of becoming mature, all with their suitcases and their jobs, always thinking …

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  • EcalZ


    May 15, 2012 by EcalZ


    -to implement the fucking "Moving Occupation" to reality.

    -to make an application about what kind of issues will be discussed in the Spokes council and in the GA

    -to make a lot of interviews about what are the issues with interviewers life. everything

    -to write everyday a report about what you saw and felt about that day.

    -to read one fucking hour every fucking day. an order. man do fucking something, wake the fuck up!

    -to remember to breath.

    for the GA:

    a proposal;

    to give a warning and with that warning a group meeting with the inflicted person. to council the person and talk to her or him about what she or he is doing that others think it need to be said. without secrecy, transparent as its better for everyone to understand. if the issu…

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  • EcalZ

    who im really am...

    May 10, 2012 by EcalZ

    im not a new order security, maybe i said it while very streesed about whatever i was streesed about...and I am sorry for claiming all that stuff that i said i was, which they may be true in some incredible magnafied proportion because i am really not that stupid but just that i like to hurt myself, in the most phicological way...its all about depresion...and thats my strugle, my own battle...but im going to conquer it and help myself first and those around me too in the process, maybe not today, nor tomorrow, but when im feel like im ready to give it another change...

    so this are almos all my things ive done so far..

    new video…

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  • EcalZ

    no eran muchos los que se reunieron para festejar la oportunidad de la vida; el salir a las calles y con todas sus heridas reír en compañía de los que ven como cambian las cosas cuando uno le importa lo que hace.

    no por esto las dificultades que nacen de uno, como trayectoria al distinto pero finito final también amenacé cada instante de vuestro pensar y con este, las distintas variaciones permutadas de la realidad y los hechos que una vez fueron y os permanecieron intactos hasta que la vida los descubrió, como tesoro o maldición, estamos apenas descubriendo quienes somos atreves de la práctica de nuestras promesas y proficientes profecías cultivadas atreves de cada inspiración celular que aparece contaminada en nuestra circunstancial pala…

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  • EcalZ

    to know more about this Website, please read the License, the whole leagal things about it and be alert and cleaver to understand everything that you are doing, if not, then learn by doing it, so then one can learn from it, to understand more of it there are this steps, done without any dramatical intention, so the first step is:

    first step:

    -think about any plan.

    -then do it.

    -then live it.

    -then rebel.

    secod step:

    -make a trip with company

    -film ducumentaries, and paisajes(background)

    -make a limit and with that, multiplied. make the most of it as an example and as a empowerment

    --example. if the something one sees that it could be saved, make it even greater.

    -return and talk about it, so everything one can understand it, easy for the mixed partic…

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