Spokes councils are easier to facilitate than general assemblies

Announce spokes council

Mention that all it takes to form a group is to have three members, and that anyone not in a group form one, or join one

  • shameless plug* Maybe mention that as a ad hoc means of allowing all to have a voice scientific art situational has always been willing to rep for anybody traditionally[1]

Ask all the groups to select who's representing for the as spokes person and get those people to raise their hands

Ask all the spokes persons to step into the circle introduce themselves and declare what group they're representing for with a brief description

Remind all that only the spokes persons should address the spokescouncil and if a person wants a point raised to bring it up with their spokesperson and mention there'll be plenty of time to talk about things afterwoulds and that a spokes council is not a decision making body, but rather a forum for sharing information

Go around the circle getting each spokes person to report to the spokes council in turn

Whenever another spokes person motions that they have a response during a report, flick your pen at all the spokes persons who have indicated they wish to speak ending with the person who just motioned

Establishing a visual cue for the queue of responces

When a report back has finished and there are responces go through the respones in order of pen flicky, otherwise just go to the next spokes person in the circle and get them to report back

Onces you've gotten all the way around the reporting circle and finished the final round of responces...

Collapse into the foetal position and rock back and forth... whimpering until you feel better

Easy as

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