-to implement the fucking "Moving Occupation" to reality.

-to make an application about what kind of issues will be discussed in the Spokes council and in the GA

-to make a lot of interviews about what are the issues with interviewers life. everything

-to write everyday a report about what you saw and felt about that day.

-to read one fucking hour every fucking day. an order. man do fucking something, wake the fuck up!

-to remember to breath.

for the GA:

a proposal;

to give a warning and with that warning a group meeting with the inflicted person. to council the person and talk to her or him about what she or he is doing that others think it need to be said. without secrecy, transparent as its better for everyone to understand. if the issues is too difficult for it to be discussed, then in private but with the inflicted and a small group of council.


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