-so we are the new kids that everybody is talking about...

-not us

-everybody knows it...

-fuck off man, we dont care about it, we can say or do whatever, we are free, born in pain as everyone in here, sure, we had our choices, ours were different, we choose to do what we already did, and so we dont care about what they think.

-such a problem, god, such a problem, they know what we did, and here we are, its time to admit it, why, why, why, why?

-what kind of question, authoritarian! who the hell they think we are?

-no more than our son? our son? the sun in us? yes, yes, hell, we're in hell, we see, they shut us down, and in hell theres no time nor space. no future, no chains nor lies...

-so when we painted the streets in black and red, when we had fun tagging all those banks, cars, we were also there, not even pretending to care, but in us, waiting to see us again? in our black dirty jacket, wild, with our cold attitute and our shutgun in our wallet?

-does it matters now that we are already here? when we still remember us, our muse, our this lost dimension?

-so, did we had fun? did we, were those blody tears of joy real? the excitement, the revolution?

-haa, dont remember mother saying anything good about us, maybe she knew we didn't like it, but we remember it feeling it, the liberation when those explosions woke the appetite for destruction, ha...the anarchy, that anarchy for life that elevate us and immortalize us, we feel no pain but anarchy...passionate situation...angry evaluation of valor and courage

-to the extremes!, to arms! we crazy? drunk with the blood of gods?! future?! no tomorrow, hell?!

-yes,yes, drunk!, brainless advocates of this liberation of questions and rules, we follow our ideas, to change the day a day habit of not achieving our purpose in life, and that's the same we're wanted for...

-hu!h, dont tell us someone died? those who cant do more than that cannot die for our desires...

-at night, we cleared it... nah, just the material god, the property of those who punish us by their rules and pressure, we know, they pressure us into getting this, having that, well, we know, we wrote the book about it, but then we just made another made by our colors and exciment...thinking only in the irrational chaos, only in the evolution of life through violent changes...with fire and blood, the elixir of those fictional gods playing like fools...creating...

-a, we are older than us, we're our son, and we still manage to love our inspiration, lets get some drinks and manage to get out of this hell we are.

(the irony of all this is that we had to use word and microsoft to write all of this)

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