haa, what do we think about relation...

a short story of fun crazy lies and god.

-dont ya worry a bit, it wont hurt...
-no, no, please, no, im a virgin!
-haaa, virgin!?
-yes, santified by god and mankind, well, more man than kind
-yes, i smell your door, your pureness, haa, my sanctuary...
-please, stop, stop, stop.
-what?! no...

rape, only the wicked change their perception for what they want to hear and feel.

-you, yes you...
-no fucker, me, yes you right there, in the corner, dont worry it will hurt you mostly like everyone who has done it.
-no, i didnt do anything, i gave her what she wanted, love, material goods and hapiness...
-so why are you here?
-because she said i raped her?
-did you?

jail rape, a justifiable reaction to those who dont understand woman, or womans right.

so what is a relationship?
is that s common factor?
to be liked and like?
to share emotions and love?
what if one person feels it and the other not?
do we have to work for it?
why work for it?
then it will be a pain, to make others love what they havent felt, yet?
can you push me to my limits, or you are just teasing me with that reciprocal response?
no, no, yes, i was making an assumption, once you brake the thin ice, she will care for you, eternally...
-eternally, what a wanker my friend...what an idiot...
-nope, only those who think they can control woman and protect woman from others are, woman can protect themselves...
-thats true to an extent, but hey, do woman have to speak to an anoying person when woman dont want, thats why we are here, dont ya think?
-mhhh, right, so they can do their stuff unless we dont bother them?
-oh, man, finally, yes...
-so, its because we let them do their stuff...right?
-hahaha, right.....what, wait?!, we are also being protected by others, and we also want protection, dont you think?
-not me?
-wait until you ask for it...
-but i have to ask for it
-yes, and if not, then confidence is the element for a confidence...
-do you buy it? or do you control confidence?
-confidence is something mutual, the first spark, the first hello i love, the first mutaul understanding, the first no and maturity
to accpet it, because woman have days where they are different and we have to let woman be, not because they are angry they are angry about you,
kind of like rage road, they are angry at an accident...and i could be you, but thats with confidence to decypher...
-man, you are completly crazy
-hey man im a liar.
-does god knows it
-im a god
-created by man of course...
-and your so needed woman?
-in power. like the Amazonian law.
-a the feminazi!

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