Spokes council # 8 (the informal review)

Michael: Anarchy for Life!

Teigan: cliché wise! yesterday there were 5 overnighters...

-please come by when you can...

-there was a dream circle done by our comrade Yohan...

-Chalk and a lot of fun in the process...

-today at 8.30am the council came to take one out of two tents, I took mine before they came...

-everything was done without any complain other than the council one...

-the weather was not ideal

-come by next Tuesday.

-there's kind of more information in the evil facebook group...(no encouraged to visit)

why? because: inclusivity is our enemy...(please feel free to comment about this one)

Daniel: any book for Seb about Bakunin, and he also wanted to know more about how an organic community can be structure, any suggestions?

Seb: hey man I could have said, I want to prepare a group for a moving occupation and learn from the communities in the process and in the way also learn about how to implement an organic living, solving some of the most visual problems, anyone interested?

Conie: does Seb needs a translator?

some occupiers: if possible yes, we help.

Amy: an announcement : to form a relation group.

Seb thinking; hey i did one workshop, no one came by.

Amy: we need more interest in what we are doing

-we need to solve our problems

-we need to support people and groups and everyone...

Michael: times up!

somebody talked about Facebook

Indi: bunch of hippies mother focker, get a job!

everyone: lmao!!!!!he problably does not like facebook...too much drama and almost no City Square support, although I saw Nick and he told me that people are working sporadically on volunteering here, helping there, talking here, thinking this, writing not that OMers are not doing anything, they are, not in union, but they are...

Conie; we need to remind everyone that this is a political group! an activist group! Occupy Melbourne is awesome!

-we need to do more political actions

-we need to motivate!

-speak the problems face to face!

-be clear!

-respect woman!

a group question: how many of us do not use Facebook?


Amy: for next Occupy Saturday:

-we are going to pain the square!

-we gonna create poems!

-we gonna be artistically political and have fun!

Seb: any idea of what are we gonna write?

Amy: yes, what i just said!

Brandon wave with a smile...

Michael: anything else?

then its done...

Spoke council close...

to the bar and drink!

in there we had fun talking about our experience and life...good times...

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