im not a new order security, maybe i said it while very streesed about whatever i was streesed about...and I am sorry for claiming all that stuff that i said i was, which they may be true in some incredible magnafied proportion because i am really not that stupid but just that i like to hurt myself, in the most phicological way...its all about depresion...and thats my strugle, my own battle...but im going to conquer it and help myself first and those around me too in the process, maybe not today, nor tomorrow, but when im feel like im ready to give it another change...

so this are almos all my things ive done so far..

new video

and yes i deleted the facebook account but left some groups with literature(spanish)

so this is my formal apology for being always obsesively looking for a girlfriend and when i have one, i loss her by just being paranoid and yes, i said it all...

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