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    this may be in facebook...

    well, the 24hour protest against extra charges in facebook is on, unless this post help facebook, and by that case, then facebook has controlled everyones post, even in the strangest blogs or anyother kind of electrotic media, facebook has linked all your movements, electronic movements, the big brother is watching you, and not only in the electronic world, in the real world, not the mtv one that mix bs actors who want to get screwed by the media and worst, they sign for it, no thats different, ups, i can of lost my train of thoughts here, well, the thing about everything controlled works, yes, for those who want to control but for those who want to kill a chiken or eat explosives and explote, its not, even me wri…

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    after an outburst of anger because this wiki shit erased all the thing i wrote when i inserted a fucking video im going to see if i remember what i wrote at the first time, if i do that ill be doing an excersice, if i dont ill be in jai for things that people do when they get into desperations and things get out of control, so yes, i screamed, throw some things, made noise, huuuu, youre crazy, people, neigbour could say...and yes, i dont give a shit, why do we have to repress our anger, hey, do it, but dont hurt people in the way, thats the only things, and if poeple are aournd, and they tend to get sentimental about it, then Ewoks dont give a shit!!!

    so this is what ithink i wrote...

    tiraras con cuantos quieras pero el amor no lo haras jama…

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    June 14, 2012 by EcalZ
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    June 12, 2012 by EcalZ

    haa, what do we think about relation...

    a short story of fun crazy lies and god.

    -dont ya worry a bit, it wont hurt...
    -no, no, please, no, im a virgin!
    -haaa, virgin!?
    -yes, santified by god and mankind, well, more man than kind
    -yes, i smell your door, your pureness, haa, my sanctuary...
    -please, stop, stop, stop.
    -what?! no...

    rape, only the wicked change their perception for what they want to hear and feel.

    -you, yes you...
    -no fucker, me, yes you right there, in the corner, dont worry it will hurt you mostly like everyone who has done it.
    -no, i didnt do anything, i gave her what she wanted, love, material goods and hapiness...
    -so why are you here?
    -because she said i raped her?
    -did you?

    jail rape, a justifiable reactio…

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    June 5, 2012 by EcalZ

    old viedo

    new video



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